Road to Watu Amben Yogyakarta

Hello Bro.. At this post AG will post the trip AG and friends from bajaj pulsar 220 jogja community to watu amben. Watu Amben is on one of the top of the thousand hill range in Gunungkidul but administratively entering Bantul regency of Pandeyan village, Piyungan Sub-district. This location is actually similar to hill hargodumilah or better known as hill stars, where this location is not as a major tourist destination just as a place to drop off unwind.
The advantages of this location in the appeal with the hills of stars such as being away from the main road or main road wonosari jogja so it has a fresh air and more secure, as well as having a wider perspective

Seen from its name watu itself means stone while amben means bed, before the famous place is only used by local residents to rest after looking for food for livestock. It is said that this place is also used by mataram officials to see the plains below. This place is very cool even in the category pretty cold, so be advised is high place, with a very beautiful scenery, fresh air more delicious with a cup of coffee or milk hahaha. If you want to stop by here and want to eat all this place is already available stalls that will increasingly make visitors. hehe

How To get there:

Well, this one. haha if through the main road wonosari very easy that is from jogja through the hill stars until the intersection hill pathuk we turn right fit there is a police post and TNI towards Dlingo. less than the intersection is about 1 km only. hehe

However, it happens that we are passing from the distant streets. haha alias blusuk-blusuk. We passed from yogyakarta terminal intersection towards mako brimob gondowulung. Treat the view very jos gandos.

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